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Environment Air Conditioning


Technical and Economic Design Criteria

The indoor criteria determine the design criteria of the air conditioning systems of critical environments (laboratories, special-purpose spaces, data centers, etc.). In other words, it is essential to provide the weather conditions needed by the process, at the same time, if different processes are performed in the interior at different times (test, experiment, calibration, simulation, etc.), the air conditioning system must be suitable for this.

Functionality: A functional system setup in all conditions.

Energy Efficiency: Selecting the most optimized system according to energy efficiency criteria

Installation cost and Operating cost: Considering the operating and maintenance costs that occur within the initial investment cost and economic life of the system. The data centers designed especially for 100% capacity occupancy need do not need full load in the first place (low start build up), especially considering the initial operating costs.

Flexibility: The system can be compatible according to changing settlement conditions.

Ease of service and maintenance: One of the main functions of a sustainable air conditioning system is the service and maintenance methods and ease of operation for uninterrupted operation.

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