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Water Treatment and Softening Systems

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Sustainability and innovation Smith's history has been the key words. Approaching the production and application level with an innovative approach, A.O. Smith maintains its leading position in the market . This understanding covers the whole process from the selection of materials and components used in production to the final product yield.


Founded in 1874 in Milwaukee, USA, A.O. Smith has focused on delivering hot water to customers for over 145 years ; is the leading manufacturer of qualified water heating , water storage and water treatment products , serving customers around the world today . A.O. Smith Water Technologies has adopted the principle of offering the highest quality in water treatment equipment together with a high level of technical support in Cyprus as in the world.

The company's technical staff with high level of expertise allows to continuously increase the production quality and capacity by constantly following new developments and conducting research. This is the key to keeping costs at reasonable levels despite the continuous increase in quality .

New technologies

A.O. Smith Water Technologies has always been in search of new technologies since its establishment. Our company has aimed to find the most effective solutions such as reverse osmosis , water softening , ion removal , final purification systems . Our goal in sales and marketing is to present new technologies and equipment to our customers. Our aim is to identify the most suitable solutions to meet our customers' needs and to develop the process needed to keep our customers' knowledge of new technologies up to date. Our main goal is to offer the right solutions that our customers need at the most affordable prices . We offer our customers the highest quality with our wide product range of our own brands and imported products.



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